The Churches of Hipswell Parish

This Week in the Parish

18th March, 2018: 5th Sunday of Lent

Updates: Electoral Roll Revision… public notices went up on Wednesday, explaining that we have 2 weeks for those wishing to be added to the Electoral Roll of the parish to complete the forms for enrolment. If you are a church attender and have not yet applied to be on the roll, please fill in a form (available at the back of church) and hand it in to Revd Andrew or to Chris Whitmee (Electoral Roll Officer) before Wednesday 28th March. You can then attend and vote at this year’s APCM (Annual Parochial Church Meeting), on Wednesday 15th April. The APCM is an important meeting, and we encourage everyone to attend, as it gives us an opportunity to scrutinise the work of the parish and its various groups, and to elect officers for the coming year. Please put it in the diary!

GDPR: You may well have received various reminders from voluntary agencies that you need to confirm that you still wish to be kept on their books, so that they can stay in touch with you. There’s a huge change coming up in May regarding the ways we obtain, store and handle people’s data (names, addresses, and other contact details). We must all be ‘data compliant’ by May 25th, or face possible prosecution. This means, essentially, that we have to ask everyone with whom we are ever in contact to fill out a form indicating that they are happy for us to store their details safely, and telling us how they will agree to us being in touch with them in future. There is now a ‘Data Privacy Notice’ on the website and in both churches, explaining how we may use the information given to us. You are asked to read through that and then to complete the ‘Consent Form’, ticking all the boxes that you are happy to agree to. There will be plenty of these forms around over the next few weeks, and we ask that everyone completes them. If you have children associated with the church, whose details we will keep for our young people’s work, you will need to complete a form for them as well.

Station Singers Concert, 14th April, Richmond:

This will be a great event & important fundraiser for us. Please get your tickets from Jo or Andrew.

Holy Week in the Parish:

Palm Sunday Holy Communion at both churches. Evening praise & worship service (St Cuthbert’s)

Monday: 7.30pm Stations of the Cross(St John’s)

Tuesday: 7pm Final session of Lent course

Wednesday: 7.30pm Easter Film (St Cuthbert’s)

Thursday: 7.30pm Holy Communion with foot-washing (St John’s)

Good Friday: 2-3pm Good Friday Meditation    (St Cuthbert’s)

Easter Sunday: Easter Communions 9.30 &11am

Lent course: ‘On the Third Day’ A reminder..

We’re again in St Cuthbert’s on Tuesday night: Session 4: Celebrating & Praying Easter…                                  

7pm – and the heating’s on! Do come along!


Prayers: For those seeking comfort & healing:

Dave, Katrina, Matthew, Edgar, Isaac, Eve, Ann & Christine, Tracy, Liz, Jenny, Paul, Shelley, Emma, Linda, Peter, John, Nicola, Jack, Jenny & Lucy.

Those who have died & those who mourn, especially the families of Colin Claypole & Raymond Bullock.

This week’s diary:

Today: 2.30pm, Prayer ministry team, Meeting Room

Monday: 8-8.30pm Warden’s half hour..

Tuesday: 10-12noon Veterans & Community Art Gp, St Cuthbert’s Hall

7pm ‘On the Third Day’ Lent Course, St Cuthbert’s

Wednesday: 9-11.30am Drop-in, St Cuthbert’s Hall

7pm Cockpit Crew, meeting room

Sunday: 6 for 6.30pm Praise & Worship service Theme: ‘Jesus is Lord!’

Next Sunday: Palm Sunday

St John’s: 9.30am Holy Communion

St Cuthbert’s: 11am Holy Communion & KFC

6 for 6.30pm Praise & Worship celebration                  



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