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3 June 2018 First Sunday after Trinity

As a child, I loved watching the TV programme “Thunderbirds” which brought puppets to life using a technique called “Supermarionation”. Others will remember “Muffin the Mule”, Sooty & Sweep and the story of Pinocchio.

Puppets are remarkable inventions: string, fabric, ribbon and wooden struts are assembled to create a semblance of humans, animals, and other fanciful creatures. These intriguing, lovable, and at times short-tempered dolls tell stories, sing songs, and share conversations.

These little friends spend most of their ‘lives’ just lying limp and lifeless. Only when a hand slips inside do they ‘come to life’, and the fun begins. Mouths move in sync with words spoken off stage; feet dance, hands wave, and the show is on – as long as the hands are engaged. 

We are much more than puppets, but we are also in need of a life beyond our own to fill us and make us effective. Jesus explained to His disciples their need to have God’s indwelling presence and power within their lives. He said, “apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5b)

Paul goes on to tell the people of Ephesus, “be filled with the Spirit.” (Ephesians 5:18) But often we let our circumstances have more influence over our words, feelings, and behaviours. 

As Christians, the Spirit of God fills us at all times. Our role is to submit to His sovereign power and loving authority in our lives. Over the coming week, allow God’s presence to shape the way you act, and control the things you say.

(Article adapted by Simon Eastwood)

Upcoming events:

Summer Fair Sat 16th June, 2-4pm St Cuthbert’s Church and Community Hall. Details from Marie.

Afternoon Tea Sat 30th June, 2 -5pm St John’s Church, Hipswell

Colburn Community Gathering Sat 9th June, St Cuthbert’s Church and Community Hall and various locations around Colburn. Details from Marie.

Free Family Fun Day, Sat 16th June 2018, St Cuthbert’s Church and Community Hall. Details from Marie.

This week:

Monday:  7-8pm Churchwarden’s hour… Tuesday: 10-12 noon Veterans’ & Community Art Group, St Cuthbert’s Community Hall Wednesday: 9-11.30am Drop-in, St Cuthbert’s Community Hall

7-9pm PCC, St. Cuthbert’s Community Hall Saturday 9th June – Wednesday 20th June: Colburn Veterans and Community Art Group, Art Exhibition @ The Richmond Station

Prayers: For those seeking comfort & healing:

Derek, Katrina, Matthew, Isaac, Edgar, Eve, Liz, Emma, Ann, Christine, Tracy, Jenny, Paul, Jack, Shelley, Linda, Peter, John, Nicola, Jenny & Lucy. Iman and Atef and their son in Lebanon.

Those who have died & those who mourn including the family and friends of: Lynda Doidge

Next Sunday: 2nd Sunday after Trinity       St John’s: 9.30am All Age Service

     St Cuthbert’s: 11am Holy Communion/KFC



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