Church Bookings

Baptisms and weddings are normally booked during CHURCHWARDEN'S HALF-HOUR which takes place at the St Cuthbert's Community Hall, Colburn Lane, Colburn, DL9 4LT at 8pm on most Monday evenings. Please see This Week in the Parish to check whether this session is running, before attending. We welcome all enquiries for baptism and marriage. If you wish to marry, have been previously married, or live outside the parish boundary, the Vicar will discuss the possibilities with you personally.

Those wishing to be baptised, or to have family members baptised, now attend on at least three occasions before submitting a baptism application form. Baptisms generally take place outside of the normal Sunday morning services, because of the numbers usually attending. From January 2018, baptisms will generally take place at 1pm - at St John's, Hipswell, on the first Sunday of the month, and at St Cuthbert's, Colburn, on the third Sunday of the month. Parents and godparents meet with the Vicar for baptism preparation before baptism services.

Funerals are normally arranged with the Vicar through the offices of a Funeral Director. Anyone living within the parish boundaries may have a funeral service in church.

For further information please contact the Churchwarden - for contact details please refer to the Contacts page.

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