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John Wycliffe

John Wycliffe

John Wyclif or Wycliffe, (c1330-84), born about 1325 in Hiplewell of the Domesday Book, now known as Hipswell.  An English religious reformer, he criticized the wealth and power of the Church and upheld the Bible as the sole guide for doctrine; his teachings were disseminated by itinerant preachers and are regarded as precursors of the Reformation. 

Wycliffe instituted the first English translation of the complete Bible.  His followers were known as Lollards(originally a derogatory term, from a Dutch word meaning mumbler).  The Lollards believed that the Church should aid people to live a life of evangelical poverty and imitate Christ.  Their ideas influenced the thoughts of John Huss, who in turn influenced Martin Luther.

A more detailed account of this remarkable man's life can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Wycliffe

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