The Confirmation Group visit to Ripon Cathedral - 14th August 2010

Tiani Shaw

Today some of the confirmation group went to visit Ripon Cathedral and  I really enjoyed it.

A gentleman showed us round and he explained all about the wood carvings and what stories they told from the Bible. He also told us how old the cathedral was and which parts had to be repaired after the tower fell when it was struck by lightning. 

We were also given leaflets and had to find certain angels around the cathedral, then we had to find animals that were in the stained glass windows, carvings, statues and one of the sheep was even on the ceiling of the cathedral. 

(For Tiani’s photos of all these things please click on the ‘Photo’ page from the side menu)

One of the Canons then spoke to us about the cathedral  - did you know it was in the shape of a cross and the 5 doors represent the 5 wounds on Jesus at the crucifixion?  

After the visit some of us went to a big fish and chip restaurant called the Happy Fryer, all the adults had fish and chips but us kids had sausage egg and chips. We also had a pudding, the adults couldn't manage one as they were full up.  I had a big piece of chocolate cake it was yummy!

Tiani Shaw (aged 11)

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