George Nickling House Gifts

Maureen presenting Noreen with the giftsA lovely way to end a meal.....

It was such simple fare – homemade soup, bread and cheese – yet, how satisfying and rewarding it proved to be, even after the event!

Last year’s Lenten parish lunches in St Cuthbert’s church hall were a welcome means of coming together to nourish our stomachs and our minds while meditating on the Lenten studies. Yet little did we know that our enjoyment of eating a shared meal would eventually become a blessing for others in the community.

In fact, the money we raised from those events was totally overlooked until December, when it was agreed that we should donate the proceeds locally.  The homeless unit, George Nickling House, was our chosen recipient.

George Nickling House in Colburn will have been open 18 years this year and it caters for 16 families. Noreen Harrison, who has managed the unit for many years, told us that there are currently 15 families in the main house, and that there are also 9 individual houses in the area. In total, the complete unit is assisting 24 homeless families right now.

In consultation with Noreen, our Reader Peter Kane discovered that the unit had a need for some new irons and toasters. Apparently there was a single toaster in the main house and it worked in a unique way – the toast would be browned on one side one day, browned on the other side the next, and on the following day it would be burnt completely! And so it was that our soup, bread and cheese meals produced a number of irons and toasters for a worthy cause and helped strengthen the links between the homeless unit and the parish – a most valuable gift in itself.

Peter was unable to be there on the day that the gifts were delivered to George Nickling House, unfortunately, and so Maureen Moody and Trish Hanlon had the honour of presenting them on behalf of the parish. Noreen received the gifts most gratefully and we hope that each iron and toaster will give a long and useful service.

Toasters and irons to go,,,, George Nickling House


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