The Service of Ordination

The Laying on of Hands during the Ordination of Tessa Stephens

The Ordination of Tessa Stephens as Priest took place in St John the Evangelist Church, Hipswell on the evening of Saturday 2nd July 2011. Not only was this a momentous occasion for Tessa but it was also an historic event for St John's as Tessa is the first person to be ordained in the church.

The service was conducted by the The Right Reverend James Bell, the Bishop of Knaresborough, who was assisted by The Venerable Janet Henderson, the Archdeacon of Richmond, and a number of the clergy from the surrounding parishes.

The service was attended by members of both St John’s Church, Hipswell and St Cuthbert’s Church, Colburn as well as friends and relatives of Tessa.

During the service children from Hipswell Cof E Primary school, under the direction of their music teacher, Mr Stephens (no relation to Tessa) beautifully sang a number of hymns, which enhanced the already joyous occasion.

During the ‘Laying on of Hands’ part of the service Bishop James invited all the children to come forward and lay hands on Tessa since the red of their school uniform is the symbolic colour of the Holy Spirit. This gave an unexpected but lovely touch to the proceedings.

After the service everyone retired to the school hall where the ladies of the Parish had provided a sumptuous buffet.

So now Tessa is a fully ordained priest and our prayers and best wishes go with her as she starts this new chapter of her life in Christ.


The Ordination of Tessa Stephens
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