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Application For Organisation Sessions

St Cuthbert’s Community Hall, Colburn, Hipswell Parish - Application for Premises Hire By An Organisation

Name of Organisation

What does the Organisation Do?


Will the booking be a One-off event/Regular weekly/fortnightly/monthly? (please delete as applicable)


Date/s and times of Bookings



Organisation Contact:



e-mail  Tel no.  Mobile

Is the organisation insured for Public Liability?   Yes / No

Name of Insurer                                                  Policy No.

Amount of liability covered

(It may be necessary to produce a copy of the Insurance certificate before a booking can be confirmed)

Does the organisation work with under 18s?  Yes / No

If yes, does the organisation have a Safeguarding Children Policy?  Yes / No

If not, the organisation agrees to work within the Parish Safeguarding Children Policy.

Are those leading the activity (if participants are under 18) checked in relation to child protection including DBS checks?  Yes / No

Does the organisation sell food (other than light refreshments)?  Yes / No

Have those preparing food obtained the necessary qualifications under the Food Safety regulations?  Yes / No

Please note that while the PCC/Trustees of the premises make every effort to ensure the safety of all who use the premises, your organisation will be solely responsible for premises, personnel and its activities during the period of your booking. Please note also that there is no TV licence for St Cuthbert's Community Hall, so hirers are not permitted to stream live TV either from the UK or continental Europe.

I make application for the use of the premises as set out above and agree to abide by the Conditions of Hire. On behalf of my organisation I accept liability for the property, personnel using the property and all activities during the period of this booking.




Please return to: Marie Smalley, Hall Bookings Manager

St Cuthbert's Community Hall, Colburn Lane, Colburn, Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, DL9 4LT


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