The Applique Hanging



The Applique Hanging


The Applique Hanging - Christ in Glory

The Applique Hanging was designed and worked by David Holt and was hung in the east end of St Cuthbert’s in 1957 at the consecration of the church. Sir Albert Richardson, the architect of St Cuthbert’s, suggested and approved the Applique's design.

Mrs Holt helped her husband with the embroidery of the hanging. It was so large that the work had to be done in his aunt's larger house, and it was a considerable feat in transporting it safely to Colburn. Once hung in the church Sir Albert came to see the completed work, bringng with him his good friend, the then Poet Laureate, Sir John Betjeman.

The arms of our Lord Jesus Christ are outstretched to gather all his children into Himself. Around our Lord there are swirling suggestions of movement and these speak of the power of His Ascension. The flying crosses, surrounding the portrayal of Christ, represent souls speeding towards their salvation. Around the head of our Lord are seven stars, which represent the churches founded by St John.



 Applique Hanging - stars detail Applique Hanging - outstreched arm detail  Applique Hanging - flying crosses detail Applique Hanging - Christ's head detail

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