St Cuthbert's 'KFC' (Kids for Christ) Group

As a result of the Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns, and the significant challenges of running KFC face-to-face, the KFC team have decided upon a different approach to supporting the young people of the church. Each month, Jo, Trish, Lee and Catriona have been creating craft activities for the youngsters to engage with, with explanatory videos posted privately on the parish's YouTube site. The activity packs are assembled and delivered across the parish to the families with youngsters associated with St Cuthbert's. After quarantining, those are used by the children to create whatever is appropropriate for the theme in question. 

To concide with Halloween, the children were invited to create beautiful stained glass windows (from kits produced by Trish), and lanterns (with instruction from Catriona). They also received glow sticks and tealight holders to decorate - with battery-powered 'tea lights'. The activities were supported by a teaching video led by Jo and Catriona, with a prayer from Lee. The activities wemt well, and feedback from the children and their parents alike was very encouraging.

For Advent, each family received a stunning 3-D Advent calendar created by Trish, which builds into a wonderful nativity scene, a Christmas story colouring mat and a set of colouring pencils, a set of thought-provoking cards for Advent - linked to video-clips - produced by the Diocese, and a script for a nativity play - along with appropriate costumes. The aim is for little sections of the nativity to be played by the different families, and for it to be edited together, and then viewed by the KFC families. We are really grateful for the imagination and enormous effort being put in by the KFC Team, and hope that the children continue to have fun and learn to trust Jesus more in their daily lives.

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Junior Church ('KFC')